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Myths about REALTORS

Common Real Estate (Agent) Myths – TOP 10 That Need To Be Addressed

As A new home-buyer, someone who hasn’t ever gone through the process – start to finish – in a real estate deal. I remember that I had a lot of misconceptions of what my Realtor “really” did for me. As a REALTOR today, I am able to say freely, I would never treat my family the way I was treated. Which is what brings me to my blog post today! —

Lets get down to the top 10 myths of realtors and why they are good for the process<3

  1. Realtors are expensive: Some buyers believe that using a realtor will cost them more money, but in most cases, the seller pays the commission fees for both the buyer’s and seller’s agents.
  2. All realtors are the same: Realtors have different levels of experience, specialties, and expertise. It’s essential to find a realtor who suits your specific needs and preferences.
  3. Realtors only want to make a sale: While realtors do earn commissions from sales, many prioritize building long-term relationships with clients and providing them with the best possible service.
  4. You don’t need a realtor for new construction: Even when buying a newly constructed home, having a realtor can be valuable for negotiations, contract reviews, and understanding the local market.
  5. Realtors have access to all listings: While realtors have access to a broad range of listings, not all properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Some may be for sale by owner or exclusive listings.
  6. Realtors can always get you a better deal: While realtors can negotiate on your behalf, they cannot guarantee a specific price reduction, as it depends on the market conditions and the seller’s willingness to negotiate.
  7. Realtors are only interested in high-priced properties: Realtors work with buyers across various price ranges and are interested in helping you find the right home, regardless of the price.
  8. You can find everything online: While many listings are available online, realtors have access to off-market properties, market data, and insights that can’t be found on public websites.
  9. You can DIY the paperwork: Real estate transactions involve complex contracts and legal documents. Realtors are trained to navigate these intricacies and can protect your interests during the process.
  10. Realtors don’t work on weekends or evenings: Real estate transactions often occur outside regular business hours. Good realtors are flexible and willing to accommodate their clients’ schedules.

In conclusion, while there are misconceptions about realtors, their expertise, market knowledge, and negotiation skills can be invaluable for new home buyers. It’s essential to research and select a reputable realtor who can provide guidance and support throughout your home-buying journey. I’ve lived in the low-country for almost 10 years now. I know the in and outs like the back of my hand. I want you to be able to say that as well 🙂


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